Biz Tonic was founded by the Heaster brothers three - Don, Bob and Dave.  Together they have over 60 years of experience in both IT and Finance.  They have seen the good, the bad and the ugly of technology systems and have come out of it with a true understanding of how to tame "the beast" - and they have the scares to prove it.


Don is an expert in all things Microsoft.  If you need a network installed - with shared printers and file services - he is your man.  He Is also a recognized leader in Micro Soft Sql Server.  Playing both the data administrator and software developer roles, Don can design, build and maintain true mission critical applications for your small business.


Bob's your uncle.  He's the numbers man.  He has been in charge of multi-million dollar financial accounts.  There is not an Excel spreadsheet need out there that he can't deliver a solution for.  However, Bob did not stop at the spreadsheet.  He has become a leader in the field of corporate finance - running the books for several Fortune 1000 companies.  If it has to do with $$, Bob's your man!


Dave likes the internet - and all things associated with it.  He was Harley-Davidson's Internet Architect back in the day - before the internet was cool.  Since then he has help shape the state of the web by assisting the likes of Lands' End and Kohl's become eCommerce power players.  Dave's mission is simple: he wants to put your business on the net.  According to Dave, the internet is not just about and  All businesses - large and small - need to connect with their partners and customers.  The internet is the way this happens...